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Loving Greetings  from Haus Yoga Vidya!

We invite you to stay in a peaceful environment where you can gain new insights, access to your intuition, and rediscover your inner resources of happiness. At Haus Yoga Vidya, the daily programme of yoga postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, chanting, meditation and vegetarian meals is designed to have an optimal effect on your body, mind and spirit.

Enjoy the rejuvenating tranquillity and closeness to Mother Nature as you replenish your energy and relax completely. In addition to lectures and workshops, there are two meditation sessions and two yoga exercise classes offered daily.

Haus Yoga Vidya also offers many leisure activities such as cycling (bicycles can be borrowed without charge), hiking in the adjoining forests and valleys, swimming, sauna, excursions that you can take to a variety of local points of interest. You are very welcome at Yoga Vidya throughout the year.

We are always happy to receive your suggestions, comments and registrations. Please send them to: info(at)

List of Seminars:

Swami Sivananda

October 2018

Asana classes and guided meditations are usually in German. If you need translation for asana classes, please let us know when you register.

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Date:October 5 - 12
Location:Bad Meinberg
Title:Ayurveda Marma Therapy Training
Instructor:Dr. Devendra Prasad Mishra

Ayurveda Marma Therapy Training

Marmas are the meridian point system of Ayurveda, corresponding to organs, nerves, and bodily systems. Through manipulation of Marmas by means of Abhyanga (massage), Mardana (acupressure), Aromatherapy, Pranic healing, Herbs (lepa), Raktamokshan (blood letting), Marma puncture, and Agni karma, the Prana (life energy) can be directed to remove blockages and stimulate energy flow, thus resulting in a healthy state of body, mind and spirit.

The programme includes

  • Introduction of Marma Therapy
  • History of Marma Therapy
  • Marma and Chakra
  • Marma and constitutions
  • Marma and Pulse Diagnosis
  • Marma and Tongue Diagnosis
  • Types of Marma treatment
  • Psychological aspect of Marma therapy
  • Marma location and identification
  • Marma and disorders
  • Marma and Ayurvedic oils
  • Marma meditation

Shared room €627; double room €740; single room €855; dormitory / tent / caravan €538


Date:October 12 - 21
Location:Bad Meinberg
Title:Ayurveda Medicine: Advance Training
Instructor:Dr. Devendra Prasad Mishra

Ayurveda Medicine Advance Training

In this second part of Ayurveda Medicine Training you will learn:

  • Ayurvedic Diagnosis (Vikrti)
  • Etiology and symptoms (Nidana)
  • 10-indication-diagnosis, including pulse diagnosis
  • Mutual analysis of constitution considering pulse, tongue, skin, eyes, etc.
  • Process of treatment in Ayurveda
  • Regenerative Treatment (Samana chikitsa)
  • Purification Treatment (Panchakarma: Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Sirovireca, Raktamoksha)
  • Specific diseases and their treatment
  • Overall understanding of the basic principles of Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Spiritual and philosophical aspects in Yoga
  • Yoga as daily routine

Prerequisites: successful and complete participation in Part 1 or Ayurveda Health Consultant (BYV) or another Ayurveda Training Course recognized by BYVG. Parts 1 and 2 (Basic and advanced) may be taken together and are also valid as a replacement to the Ayurveda Health Consultant Training.

Certificate: If you participate in all units of parts 1 and 2 and pass the exam, you’ll obtain a certificate of "Ayurveda Medicine" from the Professional Association of Ayurveda Health Consultants. This training does not authorize you to practice medicine within the European Community if you are not a physician or recognized health-care provider.

Dr. Devendra Prasad Mishra, M.S. (Ayurveda) Shalya, Banaras Hindu University, B.A.M.S., P.D.C.R., Dip.Yoga. Teacher and consultant at various national and international institutions. He is trained in both traditional Ayurveda and Western Medicine. He is a master of Ayurveda Marma therapy and Pulse diagnosis. Dr. Mishra is the founder-director of the Kewalya Nature Care Society, which is working for the propagation and development of Ayurveda, Yoga and other Natural sciences.

Shared room €855; double room €999; single room €1.147; dormitory / tent / caravan €740


Date:October 14 - 19
Title:Theme Week: Indian Rituals and Recitations with Swami Nivedanananda
Instructor:Swami Nivedanananda

Swami Nivedanananda will be our guest this week. Every day he will perform Indian rituals and recite powerful Vedic mantras. You will have the opportunity to experience these events with an authentic Swami and master.

You can personally experience how inspiring the presence of an Indian master can be! In addition, you can participate in the open-class activities: daily yoga classes, meditation, guided walks, recitations, drawing of mandalas and much more. You can register for the entire week or only for a few days as an individual guest, booking your room only but having the option of attending talks and classes.

Monday-Friday (rate per day): Shared room €50; double room €66; single room €82; dormitory / tent / caravan €3

Weekend (Fri-Sun, 2 nights): Shared room €113; double room €145; single room €179; dormitory/tent/caravan €88.

Please register as an individual guest, indicating the number of days you wish to stay and which type of room you prefer.

Email for registration:



November 2018

Asana classes and guided meditations are usually in German. If you need translation for asana classes, please let us know when you register.

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Date:November 1 - 4
Location:Bad Meinberg
Title:Vedanta—the Science of Experience
Instructor:Ira Schepetin

Vedanta holds a special position in indian philosophy, which is also expressed in the vast literature on the subject. Vedanta is seen as unique in the history of philosophical thought. To clarify this the three unique teachings and the five fundamentals of Vedanta are described along with the discrimination of what Vedanta is not: Dogmatic Theology, Mysticism or Rationalism. At the end hints for the spiritual life based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita are given.
English with simultaneous translation (earphones for interested people) to German.

Shared room €246; double room €295; single room €345; dormitory / tent / caravan €208


Date:November 2 - 4
Location:Bad Meinberg
Title:Ayurveda for Women Experiencing Menopause
Instructor:Dr. Aruna Rajendran

In this seminar you will learn about the symptoms of menopause and how you can approach the resulting challenges from an ayurvedic perspective. Through practicing yoga, ayurveda and meditation, your doshas will be harmonized. Dr. Aruna, can give you many helpful tips resulting from her many years of experience.

Shared room €172; double room €205; single room €238; dormitory / tent / caravan €147


Date:November 11 - 16
Location:Bad Meinberg
Title:Palliative care for cancer and other terminal illnesses
Instructor:Dr. Nalini Sahay

The seminar is based on Dr. Nalini Sahay’s work with patients with cancer and terminal illnesses. This experience has also been based on her own handling of fibromyalgia and teaching prana healing at Yoga Vidya. The course is for all who want an additional skill to work with such people. A basic knowledge of prana healing and self work will be helpful but is not a precondition. The objective of the seminar is to enable the participant to empower such people to handle their pain and fears without bitterness. Gentle practices will be taught which have been used and found effective. The goal will be that the patients can rest for a while and feel refreshed and in control. Simple and effortless methods (for the patient) will be taught. Innovative breathing practices which impart a sense of subjective wellbeing along with developing a deep understanding of the issues will be given to the participants. This seminar can also be attended by care givers, and will be helpful for yoga teachers and prana healers as well.

Shared room €393; double room €473; single room €555; dormitory / tent / caravan €329


Date:November 11 - 16
Location:Bad Meinberg
Title:Mind Your Mind - Insight Into Yoga Psychology
Instructor:Acharya Harilalji

This 5 days course offers a good understanding about the human mind and its connection with the material world, our body and soul. It deals with the knowledge spread over many Vedic scriptures of ancient India. As the Mind itself is an instrument of endless information and knowledge, even the Encyclopaedia Britannica would have not been sufficient in describing it and its functions. But what we can cover in 5 days is an insight into the mysteries of the mind that Rishis (the wisemen) were able to see and describe. The knowledge of mind is present in all aspects of life - yoga, ayurveda, music, dance, rituals, economics, social life or politics - and all such disciplines deal with the concept of mind only. This course is an attempt to collect this dissipated knowledge about mind and put it into a structure which is understandable for the modern mind. While the modern psychology starts its inquiry about the Mind from the aspect of the physical body, the yoga psychology mentions the Soul first. The objective of this course is not to compare yoga and western psychology and point out the differences but rather to present yoga psychology as a complete functional psychological approach. Suitable for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, psychologists, holistic therapists, and healers.

Shared room €371; double room €451; single room €533; dormitory / tent / caravan €307


Date:November 18 - 23
Location:Bad Meinberg
Title:Kriya Yoga Intensive
Instructor:Dr. Nalini Sahay


7 Chakras

If you have been practicing asanas, pranayamas, mudras and bandhas regularly for two years or more, you may be ready to learn Kriya Yoga. These twenty powerful practices constitute a conflict-free, non-confrontational set of exercises for awakening your inner power. Kriya Yoga techniques enable you to open the chakras, purify the nadis, and awaken Kundalini Shakti.

After completing this course, it is suggested that you continue with the practice for thirty minutes daily, in the manner specified. The various practices harmonize the pranic forces within your body. They help you to attain bliss, peace, and tranquillity. Vipareeta karani, mudra amrit pan, mudras and bandhas regulate your system. The degenerative process is reversed as the sahasrara chakra is stimulated. This improves the functioning of all bodily organs, systems, mind and emotions.

Traditionally, these techniques were never taught publicly, but were communicated verbally from guru to disciple. Paramahamsa Swami Satyanandaji first taught these kriyas in the early 1960s because he felt that Kriya Yoga fulfils the needs of spiritual enlightenment in this millennium. Dr. Sahay is a direct disciple of Swami Satyanandaji, carrying on his teachings.

Shared room €393; double room €473; single room €555; dormitory / tent / caravan €329




Asana classes and guided meditations are usually in German. If you need translation for asana classes, please let us know when you register.

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