World Yoga Summit

World Yoga Summit

on donation basis: June 18-23 2023

Join live for World Yoga Day and experience yoga classes, asana workshops, panel discussions, and guided meditations led by masters from around the world. The event will also feature cultural performances including concerts, Indian dance, and more.

On a donation basis, to Yoga Vidya e.V.:

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English with German translation.

1. Global Conference on "Shaping the Future of the World by Holistic Yoga Beyond Physiology" on donation basis, June 19-20

Under the title Global Conference on "Shaping the Future of the World by Holistic Yoga Beyond Physiology", the organisers:

  • Indian Council for relations (ICCR), New Delhi
  • United Consciousness Global, India 
  • Yoga Vidya, Germany
  • European Yoga Federation, Italy  

will organise a programme with yoga masters from all over the world on the occasion of World Yoga Day, with yoga classes, asana workshops, panel discussions and meditations. The programme will be complemented by concerts, Indian dance and much more.

The "Global Conference on Shaping the Future of the World by Holistic Yoga Beyond Physiology" is an event within the "Word Yoga Summit" from June 18-23 2023.

Further events of the "World Yoga Summit" are the "International Day of Yoga - Gita Vidya in collaboration with Yoga Vidya on June 21 2023" as well as the event "Experience yoga in depth: Learning from International Masters" on June 22 2023.

All events can be booked separately or as "World Yoga Summit" from June 18-23 2023. 

On a donation basis, to Yoga Vidya e.V.:

Registration required. English with German translation.  

Date: June 19-20 2023
Price: free 


The Group of Twenty (G20) is a premier forum that shapes and strengthens global architecture and governance. India currently holds the G20 Presidency from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023. The theme of India's G20 Presidency is "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" or "One Earth · One Family · One Future," derived from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishad. This theme emphasizes the value of all life forms and their interconnectedness on Earth and in the wider universe.

Yoga, which means union or connecting through raised consciousness, establishes an elevation of consciousness where we recognize ourselves in others and see unity in all. The essence of Yogic Tradition lies in its profound Spiritual Wisdom, expressing itself through Oneness.

Yoga is a sacred journey undertaken by millions for millennia, leading to living with the awareness of one consciousness and one being. It allows us to transcend limited identities that foster division and embrace unity. This is particularly crucial because we share one Earth, belong to one human family, and undoubtedly have one future as inhabitants of this beautiful planet. Indian Yogic traditions are not only an Indian legacy but also a matter of World Heritage.

It is the responsibility of each generation to preserve, protect, and promote the magnificent legacy passed down by their ancestors. The scope of yoga extends beyond physiology, encompassing morality, ethics, psychology, philosophy, and holistic well-being. This conference will reaffirm authentic yogic standards, serving as protocols for global yoga practitioners and guiding accreditation institutions as well.


  1. To protect and promote the sanctity of Yoga.
  2. To establish Yoga for holistic well-being.
  3. To explore the deeper dimensions of Yoga beyond physiology.
  4. To establish new accreditation protocols for global practitioners of Yoga.

Scope of Discussion:

Theme 1: Foundations of the History and Philosophy of Yoga
Theme 2: Foundations of Yoga Spirituality
Theme 3. Foundations of Yoga Psychology
Theme 4. Ethical Foundations of Yoga and Professional Workplace Ethics 
Theme 5: Physiological Foundations of Yoga Practice
Theme 6. Scientific Foundations of Yoga
Theme 7. Foundations of Teaching Methodology 

Programme Global Conference, June 19-20

June 19 

Inaugural Ceremony

Address by Hon. Minister of External Affairs (Chief Guest)
Welcome Address by The President ICCR (Chief Guest), India
Address by Secretary, Ministry of Ayush, (Guest of Honour), India
Address by DG, ICCR, New Delhi, (Guest of Honour), India
Address by Convener, United Consciousness, India: President Yoga Vidya, Germany; President
European Yoga Federation, Italy
5 Dignitary's Message (15Min/ Each)

12.00-12.20Theme 1: Foundations of the History and Philosophy of Yoga
12.20-12.40Theme 2: Foundations of Yoga Spirituality
12.40-13.00Theme 3: Foundations of Yoga Psychology
13.00-13.30Moderator Led Question Answer Session
13.30-13.50Guided meditation for relaxing the body
14.10-14.30Theme 4: Knowledge of the Ethical and Moral Foundations of Yoga & professional work ethics
14.30-14.50Theme 5 : Physiological Foundations of Yoga Practice
14.50-15.10Theme 6: Scientific Foundations of Yoga
15.10-15.40Moderator Led Question Answer Session
15.40-16.00Guided meditation for a peaceful mind
16.20-16.40Theme 7: Foundations of Teaching Methodology
16.40-17.00Theme 1 : Foundations of the History and Philosophy of Yoga
17.00-17.20Theme 2: Foundations of Yoga Spirituality
17.20-17.50Moderator Led Question Answer Session
17.50-18.10Guided Meditation for sharpening the Intellect
19.10-19.30Theme 3: Foundations of Yoga Psychology
19.30-19.50Theme 4: Knowledge of the Ethical and Moral Foundations of Yoga & professional work ethics
20.00-21.00Satsanga with the President of Yoga Vidya, Germany

Indian classical dance 'Kuchipudi

Shebanadevi Mangold


Indian Classical Concert (Raga and Rhythm)

Nawab Khan

June 20 

5X5 Yoga Asana Workshops - Theme “Self beyond three Bodies”

5 parallel yoga classes with international masters and teachers

 1. Five Yoga Asanas for revitalising Physical Body, Mr. Andrey Mishchenko, Ukraine
 2. Five Yoga Asanas for a peaceful Mind, Ms. Sanita Silina, Latvia
 3. Five Yoga Asanas for sharpening the Intellect, Ms. Danilela Laudani, Italy
 4. Five Yoga Asanas for decluttering the Memories, Ms. Amra Kubat, Bosnia
 5. Five Yoga Asanas for connecting to the Supreme, Mr. Ilija Daov, Macedonia
09.30-09.50Theme 5: Physiological Foundations of Yoga Practice
09.50-10.10Theme 6: Scientific Foundations of Yoga
10.10-10.30Theme 7: Foundations of Teaching Methodology
11.30-11.50Theme 1 : Foundations of the History and Philosophy of Yoga
11.50-12.10Theme 2: Foundations of Yoga Spirituality
12.10-12.30Theme 3: Foundations of Yoga Psychology
12.30-13.00Moderator Led Question Answer Session
13.00-13.20Guided Meditation for decluttering the Memories
13.50-14.10Theme 4: Knowledge of the Ethical and Moral Foundations of Yoga & professional work ethics
14.10-14.30Theme 5 : Physiological Foundations of Yoga Practice
14.30-14.50Theme 6: Scientific Foundations of Yoga
14.50-15.10Theme 7: Foundations of Teaching Methodology
15.10-15.50Moderator Led Question Answer Session
15.50-16.10Guided Meditation for eliminating Ego and connecting to the Supreme

Valedictory Ceremony
Launching of UC Global Standards of Yoga Teacher’s Accreditation
Address by Hon. Minister of Ayush (Chief Guest)
Address by The President ICCR , (Guest of Honour)
Address by Secretary, Ministry of Culture
Address by Convener, United Consciousness, India
Address by President Yoga Vidya, Germany
5 Dignitary's Message (15Min/ Each


Dance - Worship of Nature

Luanda Mori

19.30-20:00Om Namoh Narayanaya Singen
20.00-21.00Satsanga with President of Yoga Vidya, Germany

Indian classical concert 

Ram Vakkalanka

2. International Day of Yoga - Gita Vidya in collaboration with Yoga Vidya on donation basis, June 21

On the occasion of World Yoga Day, a vibrant program featuring international yoga masters, yoga classes, workshops, meditations, concerts, and more will take place. This event also marks the kick-off meeting for the collaboration between Gita Vidya, led by Gopi V. Pasad, and Yoga Vidya, founded by Sukadev Bretz.
The "International Day of Yoga - Gita Vidya in connection with Yoga Vidya" is an event within the "World Yoga Summit" from June 18-23 2023.

Further events of the "World Yoga Summit" are the "Global Conference on Shaping the Future of the World by Holistic Yoga Beyond Physiology" from June 19-20 2023 as well as the event "Experience yoga in depth: Learning from International Masters" on June 22 2023.

All events can be booked separately or as "World Yoga Summit" from June 18-23 2023. 

On a donation basis, to Yoga Vidya e.V.:

Registration required. English with German translation.    

Date: June 21 2023 
Price: free 
Lecturers: Gopi V. Prasad, Sukadev Bretz

Programme International Yoga Day, June 21

07.00-08.00Satsang (Meditation, Kirtan, Arati) 
08.15-08.45Gita Rezitation

Yoga Class

Vani Devi 


Inaugural Ceremony

Facilitator: Gopi Prasad - President, Gita Vidya Peetam, India

Welcome Address by the Counsul General of India, Frankfurt CGI, Amit Telang
Welcome Address by The President ICCR (Chief Guest), Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, India
Address by DG, ICCR, New Delhi, (Guest of Honour), Kumar Tuhin, India
Address by DDG, ICCR, New Delhi, Abhay Kumar, India
Address by Convener, United Consciousness, Mr Vikrant Singh Tomar, India: 
President Yoga Vidya, Sukadev, Germany; 
President European Yoga Federation, Swami Suryananda, Italy
President, Gita Vidya Peetam, Gopi Prasad, India

12.45-13.00Short easy Yoga Class with Particiption of Dignitaries
13.00- 14:00

Mantra Concert 

Group Mudita


Panel Discussion

Facilitator: Gopi Prasad - President, Gita Vidya Peetam, India

The President ICCR , Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, India
Address by DG, ICCR, Kumar Tuhin, India
Address by Convener, United Consciousness, Mr Vikrant Singh Tomar, India
President Yoga Vidya, Sukadev, Germany; 
President European Yoga Federation, Swami Suryananda, Italy

 Special VIP Guests after 11:30 Ceremony 
Walk in Silvaticum
Sukadev, Gopi 
16.00 -17.00 


Acharya Vivek, Canada


Yoga Class 

Ms. Karine Shellshear, Australia

18.15 -19.15DINNER

Peacedance for everybody

Wolfgang & Ingrid Seemann

20.00-21.00Satsanga with the President of Yoga Vidya, Sukadev, Germany

Indian Classical Dance 'Odissi'

Gudrun Märtins 


Concert: "The Splendour of Classical Indian Ragas & Folk Melodies"

Yogendra and Arup

3. Experience yoga in depth: Learning from International Masters, June 22

Workshops, lectures and yoga classes - a unique opportunity to learn from international masters and yoga teachers.

June 22 


Swami Bodhichitananda


Satsanga (meditation, kirtan, arati) 



Lecture: Exploring Tools of Yoga

Karine Shellshear


Kalaripayattu Workshop and Yoga Session

Nithin Babu 


Yoga Class



Lecture: Yoga for children and adolescents

Gisa Franceschelli

10.30-12.30 BRUNCH 
11.00 -13.00

Bhoomi Pooja (Earth Healing Ritual)

head priest of the Hamm temple


Concert: Yoga Vidya Kirtan Band



Lecture: Nidra, Brain and Consciousness

Andre Riehl



Chandra Cohen


Workshop: How Asanas affect the Body and Why they are needed

Andrey Mishchenko



Hagit Noam


Asana Class

Swami Bodhichitananda  


Lecture: Yoga and the connection to Vedic Astrology

Ram Vakkalanka

19.45-20.00Om Namo Naryayana Chanting  


Sukadev, President Yoga Vidya


Mantra Concert 

Heart Lotus (Aleah und Feu)

June 23 

Satsanga (meditation, kirtan, arati) 



Lecture: The new light on diet to speed up yogic progress

Krzystof Stec


Lecture: The archer and the bow: a yogic way of thinking

Amelia Rozzi


Mantra Yoga Class

Frauke Richter


Special: Suryanamaskar – the all inclusive ancient cross fitness system

Krzystof Stec

10.00-11.10Compact Yoga Class

Closing concert: Mantras for the Heart & Soul 

Shankari Susanne Hill

All events can be booked separately or as "Word Yoga Summit" from June 18-23 2023. 

On a donation basis, to Yoga Vidya e.V.:

Registration required. English with German translation.  

Date: June 22 2023 
Price: free

World Yoga Summit Live Online on YouTube

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Vinay Sahasrabuddhe
Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe - India

is an Indian politician. He was a Member of the Parliament of India and represented the state of Maharashtra (2016-22). Currently President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). He is known as a political scholar, an occasional columnist and he is regarded as one of the foremost intellectuals from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Shri Kumar Tuhin
Shri Kumar Tuhin - India

Ambassador Kumar Tuhin has served in the Indian Foreign Service since 1991, including as Director General of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Previously, he was Ambassador to Hungary from 2018 to 2021 and High Commissioner to Namibia from 2015 to 2018. He has worked in diplomatic missions like Hong Kong and Beijing, where he served as a political officer. He also held positions within the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, handling China and East Asia matters.

Shri Abhay Kumar
Shri Abhay Kumar - India

DDG, ICCR, New Delhi

Mr. Gopi Prasad
Gopi V. Prasad - India

did his education from Sri Aurobindo School and has been involved in the study of Bhagavad-Gita since childhood.He is associated with SACAR Sri Aurobindo Center for Advance Research for ongoing study and development of programs on Sri Aurobindo literature and Bhagavad-Gita. Gopi is involved in community service and voluntarily supports many social and spiritual organizations. His interests include poetry and he wrote poems and songs in Telugu and Hindi.

Dr. Vikrant Singh Tomar
Dr. Vikrant Singh Tomar - India

Internationally recognized scholar, author, trainer, and consultant with expertise in ancient spiritual wisdom and modern living. Has given Express Talks, EDPs, and MDPs on life management and Vedic wisdom. Author of "Rule the World as Krishna did."

Simran Reel
Simran Reel - India

Secretary - United Consciousness Global - Ambassador - European Yoga Federation- Public Relation Officer at National Commission for Indian System of Medicine,Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India

Mohsin Mansuri - India

Coordinator United Consciousness

Dr. Gangadhar
Dr. B.N. Gangadhar - India

is a professor of psychiatry at NIMHANS, leading the Advanced Center for Yoga. With over 200 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals, he specializes in somatic therapies, yoga, schizophrenia, and community mental health. He is a fellow in the National Academy of Medical Sciences and has received the CV Raman and BC Roy awards from the government of Karnataka.

Prof. Jayaraman
Prof. Jayaraman - India

is currently Director of Research at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai. He is also a member of the Board of Studies of the Department of Sanskrit, Madras University, the Department of Sanskrit, Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai, and the Department of Yoga and Spirituality, SVYASA University, Bangalore. He is also a member of the National Review Committee of the International Journal of Yoga - Philosophy, Psychology and Parapsychology.

Ms. Shubhda Joshi - India

National Expert of Yoga

Sadhvi Baghwati Saraswati
Sadhvi Baghwati Saraswati - India

is a renowned spiritual leader and motivational speaker, based in Rishikesh. She’s the author of newly released #1 bestselling memoir, Hollywood to the Himalayas: A Journey of Healing and Transformation. Originally from Los Angeles, a graduate of Stanford University, and a PhD in psychology, Sadhviji has lived on the banks of the sacred Ganga river, in the lap of the Himalayas for more than 25 years engaged in spiritual service, wisdom teaching, sacred action, and deep spiritual practice.

Dr. Indranil
Dr. Indranil Basu Ray - USA

is a Cardiologist and Cardio-Electrophysiologist at the Memphis VA Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Memphis, Memphis, TN. He is also a visiting Professor of Cardiology and Head of Integrative Cardiology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Rishikesh, UK, India.Dr Basu Ray began meditating at the age of six and was initiated into Kriya Yoga by the great Kriya Yoga master and disciple of Sri Sri Yukteshwar Giri, Swami Hariharananda. He has practised Kriya Yoga under the guidance of many Kriya Yoga Masters.

Swami Brahmaisthananda Saraswati - India

Founder President Swami Chidananda World Peace Foundation

Dr. Durgadas Savant - India

Yoga Vidya Niketan, Mumbai

Mr. Yatindra Singh Chouhan - Indien

Project Self Bharat

Amadio Bianchi
Swami Suryananda Saraswati Amadio Bianchi - Italy

Founder of World Yoga & Ayurveda Community, President of World Yoga & Ayurveda Movement, European Yoga Federation, International School of Yoga & Ayurveda C.Y. Surya. Also, Vice-President of International Yoga Confederation, Founding Member of European Ayurveda Association, Advisor to United Consciousness Global, National Coordinator for Italy of Hindu Acarya Saba, etc.

Amandio Figueiredo
Amandio Figueireda - Portugal

In the 60s, he began practicing Yoga and exploring other Eastern arts. From October 1982, he studied Oriental Arts at the school of Georges Stobbaerts - Tenchi International. In the 80s, he delved into Ayurveda. He actively participates as a practitioner and trainer in European Yoga Meetings. He is a founding member of the EUAA and several Ayurvedic institutions in Portugal. In addition, he directs and teaches Ayurveda in various associations and health schools in Lisbon and Santarem, and serves as a Yoga teacher in the Teacher Course of the Portuguese Yoga Federation-PU. Currently, he holds the position of Director of the Department of Ayurveda and Yogatherapy (DAYT) at the Portuguese Yoga Federation-PU.

Amelia Rozzi
Amelia Rozzi - Italy

Founding President of the ARTEMISIA Yoga Centre, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Practitioner (massage therapist and alternative practitioner).She is a direct disciple of Master Amadio Bianchi (Swami Suryananda Saraswati), Master Swami Ramaswarupananda Saraswati and Master Swami Brahmanishtananda, with whom she continues to grow and train in the deep knowledge of Hatha and Raja Yoga and Vedanta.

Amra Kubat
Amra Kubat - Bosnia-Herzegovina

is originally from Sarajevo. She has a bachelor's degree in business/marketing and has worked there for over 15 years. She started karate in primary school and has been doing sports all her life.She is a licensed yoga and meditation teacher, Heal Your Life Coach & Teacher, Usui & Karuna Reiki teacher and the only certified Yoga Alliance School teacher in BiH as well as the European Yoga Federation representative for BiH. She is the creator of the programme "My Issue", which she has been successfully running for a year.

Andre Riehl
Andre Riehl - France

started yoga at 11, stayed in Himalayan monastery at 24, met traditional masters, learned classical and tantric yoga. Studied with Kashmiri Babu and underwent a deep study retreat. Also studied discrimination and relationship influenced by J. Krishnamurti and Sri Ananda Mayi Ma.

Andrey Mishchenko - Ukraine

Raja Yoga Practitioner

Anna Galovicova
Anna Galovicova - Slovakia

is the founder and chairperson of the Slovak-Indian Friendship Society and coordinator of its projects. As the director of the Mental Health Centre in Liptov-Jakubovany, she leads trainings for psychophysical and psychospiritual awareness and develops and improves the quality of relaxation and stress management training methods. Dr Anna Galovičova is a yoga teacher in Slovakia and the Czech Republic for 52 years.

Caroline van Damme
Caroline van Damme - Belgium

is an adult psychiatrist and family and systemic psychotherapist. After studying neuroscience in the USA, she began medical studies at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and became a psychiatrist in 2008. She works at the Brussels Night Hospital and specialises in the psychosocial rehabilitation of patients with chronic psychotic disorders. Her interest in a holistic view of the human being led her to learn traditional knowledge about mental health and bring it into modern medical practice.

Daniela Laudani
Daniela Laudani - Italy

Hatha Yoga teacher, student of Amadio Bianchi

Emy Blesio
Emy Blesio - Italy

Mahamandaleshwar Pandit Yogacharini Swami Gayatri Devi is a Yoga Paripurna School Master and UPF Ambassador for Peace recognized by the UN. Honorary doctorate recipient from Techno India University and advisor. Received "F. Gandhi Simplicity Award" at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi in 2010.

Francoise Barbira Freedman
Francoise Barbira Freedman - UK

Gründerin und Präsidentin von BirthlightFounder & President of Birthlight

Gisa Franceschelli
Gisa Franceschelli - Italy

is an teacher and has taught in public schools for 40 years. She has practised yoga since her youth. In public school she has always applied yogic techniques and principles and integrated them into her own teaching methodology, as she finds them very useful for the education of students. For several years she has been involved in the training of yoga teachers, especially for children and young people. She has published the book "The Joy of Growing with Yoga".

Ilija Daov
Ilija Daov - Macedonia

Hatha Yogateacher

Jadranko Miklec
Jadranko Miklec - Croatia

Yogacharya, Yoga & Ayurveda therapist, Transcendental Meditation & Maharishi Vedic Science teacher, Vanaushadhi Bhishagacharya. President of Institute for Yoga & Ayurveda "SUN". Learned yoga from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, other yogacharyas and gained own insights. Author of 6 yoga books.

Karine Shellshear
Karine Shellshear - Australia

Yoga therapist and mediation teacher from Australia with a degree in French literature and qualifications in research, policy and planning.Her work in Yoga Therapy is to be the catalyst that instigates self healing, engaging with those turning to Yoga Therapy as an inspirational tool, one that will enhance understanding of self, health and wellbeing.

Dr. Krzystof Stec
Dr. Krzystof Stec - Poland

A former scientist at the University of Rajasthan, he began his yoga practice at the age of 15. He earned his degree in yoga from Yoga College Kaivalyadhama in 1976 and a PhD in philosophy from Warsaw University of Sport Sciences in 2014. His articles on yoga have been published in international journals and he regularly lectures worldwide on yoga, health and nutrition.

Mary Soukoulis
Mary Soukoulis - Greece

is an experienced dancer, choreographer and founder of the Yoga Dance System in Greece. She was initiated into the spiritual path of yoga in 1981 by her guru, Paramahmsa Satyananda. She founded a ballet school in 1987 and organised yoga lectures there with teachers from Greece and all over the world. Later she founded the Raja Yoga - Annahata Center of Art and teaches there different kinds of yoga and offers seminars. As the creator of the Yoga Dance System, she presented her system at international festivals and works with the Gayatri Paritwar community in India to share her knowledge. She has also spoken in the media on yoga issues to contribute to the betterment of society.

Padmashri Amrta Suryananda Maharaja - Portugal

is a Portugal-based Yoga guru, the president of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation and the founder of Yoga Sámkhya Institute, Portugal. Born in Portugal in 1952, he started learning the Indian tradition of Yoga in his twenties from Krshnánandaji of the Shivánanda Áshrama, located in Rishikesh in Himalayan valley. He is also known to have been influenced by Aurobindo, Vivekananda, Satyananda, Kuvalayananda and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Author of two books on Yoga: "Chakra Sútra – The 7 Main Chakra in Yoga and Sámkhya"; "Cosmo genesis and Yoga Beyond Hydrogen".

Sanita Silina
Sanita Silina - Latvia

Since 1998 she has been practising and learning with yoga teachers from Latvia, Europe, India, Canada and the USA. She has various degrees in yoga tradition and practice as well as Ayurveda. She has been teaching yoga regularly in group and individual sessions since 2014.She is the founder and chairperson of the association "SARVA", an NGO in Latvia and is involved in community projects on the following topics: happy lifestyle, stress management, mindfulness, healthy nutrition, physical activity, mental and emotional well-being for families with children, teenagers, adults, seniors and disabled people.

Sofia Strill-Rever
Sofia Strill Rever - France

PhD in Indology, is an award-winning author, the French biographer of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a teacher and spiritual activist, and the founder of Be the Love, a heart awakening training programme for global leaders. At the UN headquarters in Geneva, she initiated the celebration of the International Day of Conscience.

Dr. Stefan Ilchev
Stefan Ilchev - Bulgaria

Dr Stefan Ilchev is the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Yoga Therapy and Yoga, which he founded in 2020.He has been practising yoga since 2003. From 2006 to 2018 he was in the leadership of the Bulgarian Yoga Association, and from 2008 to 2015 he was its vice-chairman and chairman. In 2013 he completed a yoga teacher training at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavla, India, and in 2023 a yoga therapy training at the same institute.He has organised numerous courses for yoga teachers, yoga congresses, conferences and seminars.Since 2021 he is the national representative for Bulgaria of the European Yoga Federation. He participates in events organised by the European Yoga Federation and United Consciousness.specialist in internal medicine and nephrology.

Sukadev Volker Bretz - Germany

Founder of Yoga Vidya

Valdmer Prado - Mexiko

Executive Vice President of the World Association for Former United Nations

Acharya Vivek Gupta
Acharya Vivek Gupta - Canada

having experienced much of what the world has to offer, from studying at the Ivey School of Business to traveling to almost fifty countries, Vivekji still sought more. Tired of the inconsistent peace associated with extrovert pursuits, he decided to turn his journey within. In 2005 Vivekji was accepted to the intensive residential Vedanta Course at Chinmaya Mission’s Sandeepany Sadhanalaya in India. There he studied and lived under the guidance of Pujya Swami Tejomayananda for over two years. Through his inspiring, innovative and insightful style, Vivekji makes Vedanta relevant, relatable and reachable.


Gruppe Mudita

The Bulgarian mantra band "Mudita" symbolises a central element of joy, namely co-joy. Janmejaya and Divyatirtha draw their inspiration from their daily practice and numerous stays in India. Sometimes loud and enthusiastic, sometimes quiet and introverted. Let the duo take you on a journey through your emotions.

Gudrun Märtins
Gudrun Märtins

After training in the classical dance form Odissi and graduating from the Pracheen Kalakendra Institute, I began teaching dance classes in Hamburg and performing nationally and internationally as a dancer in 2002. I strive to continuously improve my skills and inspire my students while working to preserve Indian classical dance. The body control and the use of pantomime elements fascinate me about this art form as they allow for a perfect balance between expression and content. The spiritual dimension of Indian dance and the humility of the artists who dedicate their art to something greater are another source of my inspiration.

Aleah von Heart Lotus
Heart Lotus (Aleah + Feu)

Aleah Gandharvika is a mantra singer, Heart of Sound yoga teacher according to Anandra George and Krama Trika Tāntrika. She has been singing in choirs and bands since 1988 and toured worldwide for 10 years with Ben Vogt as The Love Keys. She has been a student of Christopher Hareesh Wallis since April 2020. It is her life's mission to bring the world of mantras to people through sacred sound in a transformative way.

Luanda Mori
Luanda Mori

has spent over 25 years developing educational and artistic works that explore movement symbolism and sacred body language from a contemporary perspective. With a background in journalism and yoga qualifications from Yoga Suisse and Rasa - Nidra Yoga International, she teaches dance and yoga at various institutions in Geneva, Switzerland. Luanda is also a choreographer, with her recent work "In your arms" being performed by her company umA danse in Africa since 2019. In 2015, she created the umA danse Workshop, focusing on improvisation and composition through self-awareness, based on her experience in dance and yoga. Additionally, she is a co-founder of the Yata Dans Association in Geneva and Silvestre Associação Cultural in Salvador, Brazil, promoting dance and culture.

Nawab Khan
Nawab Khan

is the 9th generation of a distinguished family line of Indian classical musicians. His lifelong passion is for Hindu classical music as well as spiritual traditions. His talent brings out the subtle beauties and qualities of each raga on his 100-string santoor. Tours have taken him all over the world.

Ram Vakkalanka
Ram Vakkalanka

Ram Vakkalanka is an internationally recognized master of Yoga philosophy, Nada Yoga and Sanskrit. Born and brought up in India, he travels all over the world sharing his deep knowledge of the Vedic philosophy and sciences such as Jyotisha and Ayurveda, Nada Yoga as well as Sanskrit. Ram's Nada Yoga style of music soothes the nervous system, heals, and uplifts the listeners and energizes them without exciting them. Ram shares his wisdom through Retreats, workshops, Podcasts as well as one-on-one sessions. So far 23 CDs, one DVD and an online video course about the origins and history of Yoga have been released by Ram. For more about Ram, visit, listen to his podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or connect with him on social media (FB: Ram Vakkalanka, IG: ram_vakkalanka, YouTube).

Shankari Susanne Hill
Shankari Susanne Hill

She creates mantra music for heart and soul with voice and ukulele - lively, touching and full of sunny lightness. She loves to share her music with other people and thereby create a common connection to her own joy of life.Her years of experience as a musician, actress, clinic clown and seminar leader give her concerts a light, playful character. Her authentic singer/songwriter style is "Modern Mantra Music": spiritual and entertaining at the same time. Music that touches the heart and makes the soul dance. Simply pure Music for Heart'n'Soul.

Shebana Devi Mangold
Shebana Devi Mangold


Sitarist Yogendra born 1965 in Germany, studied North Indian ragas music for over 30 years with Ali Akbar Khan, Partha Chatterjee, Kushal Das and the Gundecha Brothers. Today he is one of the very few established German performers of classical Indian ragas. He has published the CD "Peace, Love & Joy - Three Rags for Sitar & Tabla" with Ashis Paul as accompanist. As a freelance sitarist he has published the three albums "Big Gods & Little Animals", "Legends of Panipur" and "Ocean" with his award-winning world music trio Indigo Masala He also tours with his world music trio Indigo Masala. Yogendra has also performed and recorded as a guest sitarist for countless projects ranging from baroque opera to contemporary experimental, from rock and jazz to techno and from satsang and meditation to Bollywood and kathak dance.