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Acharya Harilalji - completed his Yoga Teacher training course and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course at Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam, Kerala, attaining the title Yoga-Acharya. Afterwards he lived and taught yoga in Sivananda Ashram both in Kerala and the Himalayas for 1 1/2 years. Furthermore he completed a seven month full-time diploma course/ practice in yoga therapy (Yoga Therapy Instructors Course) at Prasanthi kutir, Bangalore with 'A' grade. In his teaching he easily recognizes both weak and strong areas in his students physicality and accordingly can suggest different asanas or variations depending on the individual. He is also the tutor in 'Nagelil' Ayurveda Medical College in Idukki district, Kerala and focuses on bringing the different aspects of yoga together in his teaching.

Alexandra Rohlje - Yoga teacher, meditation trainer and Vedanta trainer. Alexandra is a longtime student of James Swartz. She discovered traditional Vedanta during her 2-year yoga teacher training at the Cologne Yoga Vidya Center. She appreciates clarity and openness for teaching and learning. Through her teaching style, she shows that in addition to purely intellectual aspects Vedanta involves at least as much heart. For her ultimately every path, every engagement with the self, is a path of love.

Anantharavi Thillainathan - (M.D.Acu. /E.R.Y.T. / I.Y.R.T. / D.Y.T.) Director from the Yoga Arogya Kendra Organisation. Affiliated with International Yoga Federation (World Wide Yoga Governing Body). He is an inspiring yoga master, having grown up with yoga and Ayurveda as a part of his family tradition. At the age of 10 he got his first yoga training in Hatha Yoga from his grandfather. He has mastered advanced asanas and has deep knowledge of the anatomical effects of yoga. He is an instructor for yoga and Ayurvedic Marma Massage, has taught yoga at various institutions. He guides students to learn and work into poses safely, with adjustments given as needed according to their abilities and the time needed to progress with their strengths and weaknesses. He has been teaching Patanjali, Hatha and Kriya yoga since 1993 to corporations and thousands of individuals in Sri Lanka.

His main focus while teaching is to get in touch with the deeper aspect of one’s self, “ones spirit”, not just to do exercises. His style of teaching incorporates sounds and vibrations, preparation exercises, movement, and breathing techniques. His broad experience and direct personality enables him to meet people´s needs and show them where they need to go for optimal growth.

Atman Shanti Hoche - is a very experienced and popular yoga teacher (BYV) and has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years. She also teaches in Spain and India. Especially demanding lesson she practices very well.

Chandra Cohen - has practiced yoga intensely for many years. He has also studied with both Swami Vishnu-devananda and Swami Dayananda. His knowledge of the scriptures is extensive. He has taught Indian philosophy at Hunter College in New York City. Chandra has a humorous, yet clear way to lead you to your inner truth.

Dr. Chandrashekhar Pandey - M.A., Ph.D. (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands) - Shekharji, is a ‘seeker’ by choice and a teacher by calling. He has wandered through the Himalayas & Tibet, and sought answers from nature and monks. His thoughts are simple, finding ready acceptance. He sensitizes young minds, professionals, on spiritual and ethical matters, through his seminars, retreats and satsangs. He is a ‘Distinguished Visiting Professor’ at the University of Paderborn, Germany.

Chitra Sukhu - grew up in the many Sivananda Ashrams. Her parents, Yogi Hari and Leela Mata, joined the Sivananda Yoga Organization when she was three years old. Since then Chitra has practiced yoga and meditation daily. She is an experienced yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level, and has a Diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences from Kerala Ayurveda. She is also an accomplished Indian classical dancer in the ancient style of Bharata Natyam. Chitra has “birthed” the organization, New Age Kids, Inc. – helping children to establish a sense of self from an early age. She has twelve guided meditation CD’s to her name; some have been used in school curriculums. She has authored an acclaimed children’s book, “Elven Rhyme – Journey through Time”, as well as the playwright “To My Amazement.”

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Christian Bliedtner - Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher. Also Meditation trainer, Asana Flow Trainer, Ayurveda Health Consultant and Reiki Master. Inaugurated in the Kriya Yoga after Paramahansa Yogananda. He exudes peace, earthiness and cheerfulness and he teaches Hatha Yoga with love and joy. His motto: Be Happy!

Darshanie Sukhu - As the daughter of Leela Mata and Yogi Hari, Darshanie grew up in the Sivananda ashrams of Swami Vishnu-devananda. Because of this she has been in contact with yoga and meditation since childhood. At age 14, she completed the yoga teacher training course and was the youngest yoga teacher of the time. She always felt strongly attracted to Krishna and the divine aspect of joy, love and lightness.

Darshanie is a professional psychic. She has been gifted since childhood with psychic abilities. Her special gift of clairvoyance comes from past lives and spiritual work. Darshanie brings subtle levels of awareness into her teachings, which allow you to experience previous lifetimes.  Through her insights she has helped many people find healing and clarity. Her main areas of focus are past life traumas, relationships and spiritual development. She is very active and successful in seminars and discussions about clairvoyance and past life regressions.

Dr. Aruna Rajendran - Our Indian Ayurvedic physician completed a 6.5-year training at the University of Madras in Chennai in South India to become a classical Ayurvedic Doctor. She was educated at the Shyadhiri International Institute and at the Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala in Panchakarma, and in  Ayurveda Therapy in Kerala. She possesses great expertise and experience to advise you in consultations, ayurvedic therapy, and in individual Panchakarma cures.

Dr. Devendra Prasad Mishra - Dr. Devendra Prasad Mishra, M.S. (Ayurveda) Shalya, Banaras Hindu University, B.A.M.S., P.D.C.R., Dip.Yoga. Teaches and consults at various national and international institutions. He is trained in both traditional Ayurveda and western medicine. He is a master of Ayurveda Marma therapy and pulse diagnosis. Dr. Mishra is the founder-director of the Kewalya Nature Care Society, which is working for the propagation and development of Ayurveda, Yoga and other natural sciences.

Dr. Nalini Sahay - is a disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga. Nalini has many facets of experience. Currently she runs TORCH, an NGO working with street children and HIV/AIDS patients in New Delhi. She is a psychologist whose past experience includes teaching therapeutic yoga at schools and hospitals. Dr.Nalini Sahay has great charisma and will inspire you with her clear instructions, practical idealism and insight.

Dr. Sivakaran Namboothiri - is an Ayurveda doctor and a scholar of the Vedas. In addition to studying Ayurveda, he has other social degrees. Relatives of his family background, Brahmins and ph-ysicians, relatives of a traditional Vedic ritual and chant training. He belongs to the title "Samaveda Ratnam", which means that he is one of 2 people in the world who can recite Sama Vedas in the "Oth" tradition. In addition to the management of the Sreedary Hospital in Kerala (India), he has held many positions in Ayurvedic medicine and is successful in developing it on the basis of herbs.

Dr. Tanu Varma - awarded Ph.D. in Human consciousness and Yogic Science in 2015. She is passionate to promote Indian culture and started with workshops “Traditional Indian Yoga” in Germany, China, Japan and Sri Lanka. She is expert in Reiki, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Hatha Yoga and Henna. She founded Yoga Dharnenendra Multipurpose Charitable Society and helps kids in Rishikesh and Nagpur for their quality education, moral values and their basic needs for holistic development.

Gauri Eckhardt - massage therapist, experienced yoga teacher, and director of the Sananda Yoga Center in Madrid. She has studied many yoga systems, including Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bikram, as well as other systems of physical exercise (Feldenkrais, Pilates, Alexander technique). Her knowledge of human anatomy is extensive. Her teaching style is clear and exact, yet light-hearted. She challenges  students; after her lessons your body will feel as though you have been re-born!

Ira Schepetin - Ira Schepetin/ Atma Chaitanya is a student of the ancient Indian Philosophical - Spiritual tradition of Non Dual Vedanta.
For over 50 years he has studied with eminent Western and Eastern scholars of the subject. He was the first Western disciple of the popular Swami Dayanandaji and the only Western disciple of the famous Swami Satchidanandendraji.  He has presented numerous talks at international academic conferences and has published in various journals both in India and the west as well as editing and translating from the original Sanskrit books on the Gita and Sri Shankarachaya.

James Swartz- is an authentic Vedanta teacher of the present. He was a student and assistant to Swami Chinmayananda, one of the most famous Indian saints of the last century. In his almost 40 years of teaching, James has reached thousands of students worldwide. He has a unique ability to expound Vedanta in modern and direct language and to present the teaching in a lively, humorous and provocative manner.

Kaivalya Meike Schönknecht - is a qualified Sivananda Yoga Vedanta teacher with various further teacher training courses at Yoga Vidya, including meditation, breath work, yoga nidra and mantra yoga. Kaivalya lived in England for many years, where following her B.A. (Hons) in English Literature and M.A. in Cultural and Media Studies she worked in publishing for ten years. In 2013 she joined Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg to dedicate herself more fully to practicing and teaching yoga. Kaivalya supports Yoga Vidya’s publishing department and teaches with much joy and clarity.

Kati Tripura Voß - Spiritual healer, yoga and ayurvedic therapist, mediator and coach, coming from life into life, seated in Herleshausen. The combination of a holistic philosophy of life, the assumption of self-responsibility and an increase in self-confidence are particularly important to her. Her work focuses on adults and children, who accompany her with love, compassion and an open heart in groups or individual coaching. Working with people especially listening, empathy and aspects of CSF and forgiveness are particularly important to her.

Katrin Nostadt - Yoga teacher and Yoga Acharya (SYVC, 2002, 2003), Yin-yoga-teacher (BYV 2016), Master of German philology, MBA. Katrin is a long-time student and translator of James Swartz and Swami Tattvarupananda as well as a teacher and translator in international yoga teacher trainings. Her special passion is the path of self-knowledge (Advaita Vedanta). She takes up the challenge of transferring the wisdom of the scriptures into our daily lives so that we can approach our tasks with enthusiasm and dedication. This makes her yoga classes a deep experience.

Kay Hadamietz - experienced freelance “Yoga nomad” and trains yoga teachers in various cities. His workshops challenges, motivates and inspires. He co-developed the cross-cultural integral concept of Xperience Yoga. Keywords: precision, variety, humor, heart opening, Vedanta, Yoga personal trainer, Meditation trainer, Ayurveda health consultant, 12 years Capoeira.

Maheshwari Cohen - A Sivananda trained yoga teacher, Maheshwari has also studied various forms of yoga with the most well known yoga teachers in America, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga yoga and Jivanmukti. She has much experience with personal practice and teaches yoga in New York City. She will be able to give you lots of additional tips. Her teaching style is marked by great precision. With her love and gentle radiance she can inspire you to new “Aha!” experiences in the asanas.

Manisha Otterbeck - Satchiananda Swarupoham: Realise yourself and be free. The longing for self-liberation and self-realisation has lead Manisha with a few detours to the integral yoga. At Swami Sivananda’s holistic approach she appreciates the combination of the six traditional yoga paths leading to a harmonious self-development. Fitting the meaning of her Sanskrit name Manisha she aims to share her knowledge about how you can harmonise the energies of body, psyche and spirit with full heart and devotion.

Marshall Govindan Satchidananda - is one of the most famous Kriya Yoga masters, commissioned by Babaji Nagaraj in 1988 to teach worldwide.

Founder-President of Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas (USA, Canada, India) with currently 33 Acharyas in 20 countries and 3 Ashrams in Canada and India.

Publicist and author of 15 books on Kriya Yoga and the South Indian Siddha Tradition; awarded with the IYF Patanjali Award for outstanding service to Yoga in 2014.


Marie Meera Karanath - was born in Czech Republic. During her interpreter studies in the university of Mainz, she concluded her Yoga teacher training in Speyer in 2006. Later she studied Yogatherapy.  In 2009 she went with her husband to India, where they founded the Arsha Yoga Centre. She lives mainly in India and she travels to Europe during summer. She has a daughter named Gayatri. Meera gives more importance to intense experience rather than to intense effort. Her goal is to teach yoga in a way that each person can find the starting point from where to grow independently. Her main inspirations are encounters with wise people from Swamis or her grandmother to the "ego-sinker" - her daughter.

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Mukesh Gupta

from Varanasi, India, is an international speaker and regularly offers retreats, workshops and dialogues based on self-questioning and introspection, inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. His website:

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Narayani - is coauthor and model of the newly republished best selling “Book of Yoga”. A senior disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda, Narayani has more that 40 years of yoga-teaching experience. 

Narayani’s teaching style is characterized by deep love and sensitivity. Her classes have a magic to them – with a playfulness, even in difficult variations. The asanas are complemented by profoundly spiritual stories, poems and talks. Her gentle, calm and joyful personality is simply an inspiration.

Nathiba Anantharavi - studied under Swami Sithananda, Yogi Venugobalan and Sivayogi. She has been teaching Yoga since 2003, to corporations and hundreds of individuals in Sri Lanka. Her main focus while teaching is to get in touch with a deeper aspect of one self’s “one’s spirit”, not just do exercises. Her spirit of teaching incorporates sounds and vibrations, preparatory exercises, movements and breathing techniques. Her broad experience and direct personality enable her to meet people´s needs and show them where they need to go for optimal growth. She is an experienced yoga teacher in:

  • Current of Breath 
  • Yogic Art of Breathing
  • Kundalini
  • Major & Minor Chakras - structure, Nadi's energy movement, connected minor chakras...
  • Granthis
  • Vasi Yoga - Siddha tradition

Neema Majmudar - studied with Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswatī, the famous Vedānta scholar. She has undergone intensive training and learned the classical Vedānta texts with great depth: the Upanishads and many other writings with the commentaries of Śankara and the Pānini system of Sanskrit grammar. She has been teaching Vedānta for many years in India, Asia and Europe. Her ability to teach authentic vedānta in a lively, humorous and compassionate way is extraordinary.

Nuthan Manohar -  began her yoga practice in 2004 to combat stress. Since 2008, she has shared her love of yoga by teaching part-time. In December 2010, she earned her first international trainer certification at the Sivananda Center. She continues to gain knowledge in yoga, psychology, anatomy and alternative healing through various internationally renowned teachers such as Sadie Nardini, Bo Forbes, Janet Lau, etc. She started her yoga career with the premium yoga chain Pure Yoga in Hong Kong. Since 2013, she has been living in India and the Netherlands. Her dream is to create spaces and occasions that help you find yourself. She holds an MBA in marketing and strategy. She was awarded by NatGeoChannel for innovation and was the coordinator of the largest yoga conference in Asia - Evolution Asia Yoga Conference. She works extensively on combining modern research and ancient wisdom to develop tools and treatment modules.

Prof. Dr. Catharina Kiehnle - Indologist with a special passion for mantras and recitation. She has published works on Vedic philology, yoga, bhakti, in particular the Nath School Kundalini Yoga and aspects of contemporary Hinduism. With much joy, enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge she conveys correct pronunciation and meaning of mantras and kirtans.

Shanmug Westley Eckhardt - Director and Head of Training at the Sananda Yoga Center Madrid. Founder of the Yoga Teachers Association AIPYS. He is a graduate psychologist and a direct disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda. For 17 years he led the Sivananda yoga ashram in Canada and in the Bahamas. During his 30 years of yoga practice, he trained thousands of students.

Ram Vakkalanka - born and brought up in India in the Yogic way of life, surrounded by Sanskrit, Mantras and sacred texts and music. He grew up to be a Nada Yogi, Sanskrit expert, Yoga philosopher and Kirtan artist. Ram travels around the world bringing healing music, Mantras and Yoga philosophy to seekers everywhere. So far, 20 CDs and one DVD of his works have been released. His online video course about the origin and evolution of Yoga - Deepen Your Knowledge of Yoga and How It Transforms You - is very popular for its depth and breadth of presentation. He has been featured in print, broadcast on radio and TV, and made appearances at many events such as the Toronto Yoga Conference (Canada) and World Yoga Festival (UK). For more about him, please visit

Rama Schwab - Yoga teacher and instructor, meditation teacher. He gained many years of experience in monasteries and ashrams in Asia and Europe. With much mindfulness and love, he accompanies you on your yoga path. Rama has led groups and seminars since 2001 and is a reliable and humorous seminar leader who brings you into the depths of being.

Ramashakti Sikora - Ramashakti has practiced yoga and meditation since childhood, is a yoga teacher in the Federation of Yoga Vidya Teachers (BYV), yoga therapist, trainer for endurance sports, running and marathon trainer, musician and nurse with 20 years of interdisciplinary professional experience.

Shakti Lehner - Graduated biologist, yoga teacher (BYV, 1999) and -Acharya (SYVC), naturopath (since 2003 in own practice), meditation teacher (BYV), Ayurveda practitioner and hormone yoga therapist. Shakti founded the Yoga Vidya Center Speyer with her husband Maheshwara in 2003 and has completed a variety of courses in Yoga NidraTM, MBSR, Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga Anatomy with Paul and Suzee Grilley, philosophy and Sanskrit with their teachers Sukadev Bretz, Sw. Atma, Sw. Govindananda and Sw. Tattvarupananda. Since 2001 she has been teaching yoga teacher training in Germany, India and the USA.

Shantala Sriramaiah - studied Sanskrit chanting and Indian scriptures from an early age as part of her family tradition in Bangalore, India. She has been mentored by several Vedic scholars and teaches an international community in Belgium. She is especially keen on connecting aspirants with the relevance of Vedas for personal development. The ultimate goal in her teachings is to create a community of regular practitioners who are inspired by and benefit from the knowledge of Vedas. She is a student of Sri M. S. Sreenivasan of The Challakere Brothers who has been guiding her Vedic recitation practice and mentoring her teaching. She lives in Brussels, Belgium with her husband and two children.

Shekar Pandey- M.A., (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands) Ph.D. - Shekharji, is a ‘seeker’ by choice and a teacher by calling. He has wandered through the Himalayas & Tibet, and sought answers from nature and monks. His thoughts are simple, finding ready acceptance.

He sensitizes young minds, professionals, on spiritual and ethical matters, through his seminars, retreats and satsangs. He is a ‘Distinguished Visiting Professor’ at the University of Paderborn, Germany.

Shiva Shankar  - was born in a Hindu Brahmin family. With the age of four he was raised by spiritual masters in the ancient legendary cave monasteries of the great yogis, where countless generations of yogis have been trained and initiated into the deepest mysteries of the sacred science of Veda and Yoga. In his early years he was already known to be a leading expert in the tradition, texts and practices. He was a prodigy with an intuition to recite Mantras over a long period of time, to perform yogic exercises, to meditate for hours und to study the ancient sacred texts.
After his school education Shivaji dedicated his whole life to the inner journey by treading the beaten track of the old yogic revolution that the Himalayan masters, the sages, the great yogis and Vedic scholars pointed out. With fourteen he left his home to attain spiritual enlightenment. He crossed all familial and social boundaries.

Sitaram Kube - Experienced Yoga Teacher and YTT Trainer with deep knowledge and a vivid, descriptive teaching style. He also feels deeply connected with nature, as you can experience in one of his nature experience or hiking seminars. In addition, he is particularly inspired by his beautiful Mantrarezitation and celebrating rituals such as Puja and Homa. During his stay in India, he was lucky to receive intensive private lessons from Swami Yogaratna in Bangalore, following the tradition of Swami Satyananda, a close disciple of Swami Sivananda, since then many decisions and personal ans spiritual development steps followed. As the former head of the Yoga Vidya center Cologne, nowadays he teaches full time for the ashram in Bad Meinberg, mainly for the YTTs.

Sudarsh Namboothiri - grew up in a traditional Namboothiri Brahmin family in Kerala. From an early age he learned Tantric rituals and Vedic recitations, which he deepened with traditional gurus. He lived in various spiritual communities and earned a degree in the science of yoga and psychology.

Surya Tahora -  is a direct disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He has completed a 3-year Vedanta Intensive Course with Swami Dayananda. He studied Sanskrit, the Upanishads and other texts relevant to Vedanta -with the comments of Shankara. For many years he has been teaching Vedanta in India and Europe in an authentic, lively, humorous and emphatic way that is absolutely unique.

Sukadev Bretz is founder of Yoga Vidya. He knows wonderfully how to transmit profound wisdom humorously.

His special ability is to movitate Yoga aspirants to practise intensely, to see a higher meaning in daily experiences and to bring more energy and heart into everyday life. Sukadev Bretz is the author of 10 books, among them commentaries on Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita. He is quite active spreading Yoga via the internet in Yoga Videos and Podcasts in English and German.

Sukadev had spiritual experiences from childhood on. As a youngster he was fascinated by the possibilities of the human mind and started with regular Meditation as a teenager. He spent a few times several months in intense meditation and Pranayama.

In 1992 Sukadev founded Yoga Vidya, now one of the leading Yoga movements in Europe. Yoga Vidya has 4 major Ashrams, nearly 100 Yoga centres and 20.000 yoga teachers. Today he lives in Germany, in Horn-Bad Meinberg.

Get inspiration and energy from this dynamic spiritual teacher.

Swamiji Swamiji - is a yoga master from Rishikesh, India. His mere presence is highly uplifting. He radiates profound peace and quiescence, causing you to connect with your true nature on a deeper level. Tensions seem to drop away by themselves; your mind turns inward of its own volition.

Swami Advayatmananda Saraswati - is a teacher of traditional Advaita Vedanta, meditation, and Sanskrit. After renouncing his life as a software development manager in a Silicon Valley, he was initiated into the Daśanāmī monastic order by his guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati with whom he had studied since 1981.
Swamiji established Arsha Drishti, a center in San Diego, California where he teaches and live-streams classes on Upaniṣads, Bhagavad Gītā, and related texts, as well as classes on Sanskrit and the traditional commentaries of Ādi Śaṁkarācārya.

Swami Bodhichitananda - is a Kriya Yogi who has lived in the Indian Himalayas since 1991. He was a monk in Self-Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in California, from 1987 to 1991, then joined Sivananda Ashram(The Divine Life Society), Rishikesh and took final vows in 1999 as a Swami from H.H. Swami Chidananda Saraswati, successor of Swami Sivananda. He was a personal assistant to Swami Chidananda, and Yogacharya at the Divine Life Society from 1991 to 2003. His Kriya Yoga Guru, who authorized him to give Kriya Yoga Initiation, is a Himalayan Kriya Yogi, Swami Jnanananda Giri, who walked to India in 1952 after reading Autobiography of a Yogi, was a Swami in Yogananda’s India organization (Yogoda Satsang Society), but finally retired to seclusion in the Himalayas.

Swami Bodhichitananda primarily teaches Kriya Yoga of Babaji, Sivananda’s Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Spirituality. He is founder of the Himalayan Hermitage, an eco-friendly spiritual retreat, 25 km from Rishikesh in India. His 35 years of yoga experience gives him much inner knowledge that he shares in a simple and joyful way with all students.

Swami Gurusharanananda - is a master of Hatha Yoga and has earned degrees in philosophy and in the interpretation of the Upanishads. He is the head of the Ashram School in Omkareshwar, and is an expert in Vedic Astrology and natural healing methods.

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Swami Nityabodhananda - has gained his Vedantic knowledge since his birth, first in his very spiritual family, and later on at the Chinmaya Mission and deepening in the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam as a direct disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He teaches Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita and Sanskrit in Delhi and various places, and teaches his knowledge as master of the shift from non-action to action in a very impressive and loving way.

Swami Nivedanananda - was born and raised in Kerala, South India. After his school education he joined the Sivagiri Sree Narayana Math in Kerala where he received a traditional seven year education in Sanskrit, Vedanta, the Yoga Sutras, the Gita, tantric pujas and rituals. While he was still very young he took his monastic vows. Later Swamiji also received his Yoga Teacher Training and  Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certificates through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. During his years at the Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam, he gave countless Hatha Yoga and Vedic chanting classes. Many of his friends remember him with love as the priest of the ashram temples who performed all the daily rituals for which he was responsible for more than 10 years. In 2011, Swamiji left the Sivananda organization and has since then been teacher, pujari, and co-leading manager of the Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham Trusts.

Swami Saradananda - is a senior disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda and has a teaching style that inspires you to want to practice. She teaches yoga and meditation world-wide, and is the author of a number of books including "Yoga Mind and Body", "Teach Yourself Yoga", "Chakra Meditation" and "The Power of Breath". With a great love of India, she also leads frequent pilgrimages.

Swami Sukhananda - lives in the Yasodhara Ashram in Canada, founded by Swami Sivananda Radha. She first met Swami Radha in 1988 and was deeply moved by her experience. She has been living and teaching yoga at the Ashram and in Europe ever since. Swami Sukhananda was formerly an adviser to governments on sustainability, environmental and organizational issues. She is a historian whose articles about Swami Radha’s work have appeared in British and North American yoga magazines. She enjoys the beauty of the Ashram and is continually inspired by yoga and by witnessing its transformative effects

Swami Tattvarupananda - As a spiritual seeker from a young age, he was fortunate to have met many different masters of repute. Swamiji mastered the scriptures and the traditional methodology of teaching from Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He is taking care of two gurukulams for children of dysfunctional or under-privileged families in Kerala/India. Swamiji is a master storyteller with a simple, humorous and direct way of teaching. Nobody can miss the truth when it is unfolded traditionally and teachers from traditional lineages are rare.

Swami Yatidharmananda - was born in Northindia and a primary student from Swami Chidananda. Since he was seven years old, he was in a relationship to Swami Chidananda, which a young student has to his guru. He tells with love and abandonment about this time. He is a very pragmatic and true-to-life Swami, who teaches you the spiritual knowledge in an easy way. With his simple and enthusiastic chants of kirtan he touches your soul deeply.

Tara Devi Ziener - Yoga teacher, practicing yoga since 2015. Since then, she has been spreading enjoyment of life through yoga, Thai massage, vegan nutrition and life coaching in companies, privately and at Yoga Vidya. Playful, energetic, cordial and with soulful mantra insoles, she is known for her demanding and intermediate yoga classes.

Thay Phap Nhat - a Buddhist monk of the Vietnamese Zen tradition. He was born and raised in Vietnam. Early in his life he came into contact with death and therefore began to meditate. He lives and runs his own meditation center. He loves meditation and silence. He also loves poetry and writing and has written several books in Vietnamese.

Tinh Hanh - studied piano at the Musikhochschule in Weimar. After her teacher training in Hamburg she went to Plum Village in France and started meditation there. In 2017 she decided to take the path of monastic life herself. In January 2019 she was ordained novice by Thay Phap Nhat.

Vedamurti Dr. Olaf Schönert - Yoga teacher (BYV), experienced instructor for Yoga teachers, Yoga Vidya Acharya, Meditation teacher (BYVG), Systemic Counselor (BYVG). Attracted to knowledge from a young age he studied Business Adminstration. He was inspired by systems theory. Long time university lecturer. Author of books. Studied for several years with James Swartz, the well known teacher of traditional Vedanta.

Vani Devi Beldzik -  formerly a nurse, has been happy with Yoga Vidya since 2008 as a Brahmacarini, Acharya and Purohita. She likes to share her experience and knowledge with others.