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The asana classes will be given by the lecturers and by experienced Yoga Vidya staff members. You may choose between classes for beginners, medium and advanced class levels; up to 10 parallel classes are offered with the following focus:

Chakra Yoga * Rhythmic Yogasana Practice * Yoga Exercises for the Mind and for Meditation * Yoga Geometry * Mobility of the Hip Joints * Yoga Flow and Harp Music * From the River to the Ocean of Silence * Joy – Enjoyable Yoga Flow with Music and Singing * Contemporary Yoga with Madhana Mohan* Hormone Yoga * Femininity * Maturity * Zest for Life and Singing Bowls * PRANA YOGA – Centering and Expansion * Business Yoga in Standing and Sitting Position * Sound Yoga - Meditative, Rhythmic, Energizing * Mantras and Inspirations from Swami Sivananda’s Writings * Brightness of the Soul * Yoga for the Back * Bhakti Yoga * Mantra Yoga * and others.